Can I invite a guest to a gathering?

Please do! Although, as Brewciety is a private group, all who attend must be a member. So invite them to join Brewciety so they can attend!

Why is Brewciety a private group?

<font>We made Brewciety private so we could plan gatherings without the workload that marketing an event requires. Instead of selling events to the same customer over and over again, building a recurring membership-based group allows us to focus on the events for our members.</font>

Will the gatherings be pet friendly?

No. We love dogs, but people like to pet other people's dogs and sometimes that doesn't turn out all that well.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?


Can I bring my baby?

Only Brewciety members are allowed to participate. There are no exceptions.

If I cannot attend an event can someone go in my place?

Only Brewciety members are allowed to attend gatherings.

If I sign up is the membership fee recurring every three months?

The membership fee is not a recurring charge. Recurring memberships will be available on August 17th with priority given to current members. Forfeited memberships will be offered to those on the waiting list.

Is the membership fee a monthly fee?

it is not.